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Next Show Java Jess by Abner - Modart Book Launch

Abner Preis is an American artist operating as a story teller. He lives in Rotterdam where he performs regularly. This year his work has featured at Art Amsterdam, Art Rotterdam and in his first major solo show at the Gabriel Rolt Gallery in Amsterdam. Abner is also a part of the Dogs of Shame and the face of He is one of the founding members of the No New Enemies network, contributing work to the NNE 30x30 collection and featuring with his ZZTV installation at the Botanique Museum show in 2007 where his work provided a grim look at the family Fritzl. Concerned with social, psychological and emotional issues, his is an action based practice that has seen him become one of the most important mousse artists in the Benelux region.

In Brussels, Abner will present one of his latest stories, Java Jesse, in the form of a limited edition book with a live performance and installation.

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